I’m just Josten ya…

Written by Rachel L. Ritter
JDJosten Dooley is a graphic designer who went to the Art Institute with Mike, Mel and I.  He runs his own blog and Youtube channel. We wanted to check in with him to see what he’s been up to and what he enjoys in life.  It’s really great that he can appreciate not only graphic design but other types of design as well.


What’s one thing you have to force yourself to do (or remember) when it comes to design?

I used to have to force myself to come up with ideas for a project. Now it’s pretty simple for me to sit and sketch and come up with ideas easily. When I first started I was more so a technical designer knowing how to use the programs. Which does not really matter if your ideas are terrible.

Royal Divine

PC or Mac and why?

I’ve used PC all of my life and I still have my first laptop I bought.  PC I do not like the way they are designed, also how the OS operates. Since I got my MacBook, I end up somehow using a PC.  I’m just confused on how much more difficult using a PC can be.

RayBan Ad-01
His vintage RayBan ad

What’s your favorite typeface/fonts? 

Well I used to dedicate my work to using what was safe and I felt others would like to see. But I really do like using a variety of fonts that I feel would be appropriate. I do agree with Erik Spiekerman about Frutiger being a better font then Helvetica.

What was your hardest project so far? Why was it so challenging?

My hardest project has to be the Early Bird Breakfast Cafe.  With this project I decided that I wanted to limit myself to the amount of materials that I had available.  So overall it made me think more clearly based around the limitations I set for myself.

Rebranding a cafe

Where would you like to be in, say 2 years?

I would like to be running my own studio and having a wide range of clients in the type of industries that I support. Also to be able to help and mentor new designers.

Could you show us your top favorite designs?

The designs that I’ve been really loving is of course the Swiss designs.  It amazes me how they can put together such simple and elegant work.  Also I like a lot of work from Spain, Latin America, Africa, China (overall the whole world).  But here is what I’ve been really loving lately.

via http://read.bi/YmzeO8  |  I think that is such a brilliant ad and concept.

The Wassily Chair by Marcel Breuer: it amazes me more every time I look at it.  Just the overall completed piece and how they work together is what I love.  The shape and the reduction of unnecessary cloth is what is great.

Designed from 1925-1927

Show us: Zombies or vampires? 

Neither of them. I do appreciate seeing great illustrations of them though. This is an amazing one I came across on Behance.

Orlando Arocena

To learn more about Josten, visit his About me page. More ways to see his work on his Shop & Portfolio.  Comment below if you enjoyed this interview and feel free to tweet at him to let him know too! Thanks so much for being a guest on our blog!

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